One to One Leadership and Management Development Coaching

We are passionate about enabling leaders and managers to maximise their potential. We offer tailor-made individual leadership and management development coaching to support you in discovering and developing your own unique leadership style.  

All our Leadership and Management Development Coaching programmes are individualised but will include some of the following:

Creation of a confidential, reflective space for you to share your thoughts, concerns and ideas with someone who does not have a personal interest in the outcomes. All too often the process of sharing something, talking it through and being asked questions enables a solution, which has been there all along, to emerge.

360 feedback to gain multiple perceptions of the impact of your leadership style on others and support in translating this feedback into personal development plans and actions.

Personality profiling using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Insights Discovery, or another tool to increase self awareness and provide a lens through which to view your leadership style.

Skill building either via support in considering practical means of applying new learning in the workplace and/or via hands-on sessions eg analysing your personal impact and ways of presenting yourself with impact.

Exploration of leadership models and frameworks including contingency theory, the authentic leader and transformational and transactional leadership approaches.  Use of discussion, reflection on feedback and significant incidents to bring new insights and learning. Which styles do you consistently ignore and why and how can these be developed and used in ways which feel authentic for you?

We receive consistent feedback that our coaching sessions are challenging, supportive, insightful and enjoyable.  We use a diverse range of techniques and media to support your learning including psychometrics, exercises, reading and even recommending films to see leadership styles in action!  For details on our coaches please see the detailed CVs on out ‘meet us’ page.

One of many testimonials that we can provide:

Gill’s coaching has significantly increased my personal impact – I’m much more self aware, delivering an impact that I control, and getting positive outcomes – for me and for others. Gill coaches with a good blend of carrot and stick; communicates with knowledge, common sense and empathy; and guides me to find my own solutions to improve my personal performance.

Adrian Griffiths, NHS .

Maybe you’re a newly promoted manager just starting to think about your role as a leader and how to get the most out of your team?

Or perhaps you’re an experienced manager now facing a new challenge for which your current ways of leading are not working as well as they used to?

Or, perhaps you know you need to have a more varied and flexible leadership style but you want to remain authentic to who you are and wonder ‘is it possible to do both?’

Or, perhaps you just recognise that having a leadership development coach will enable you to achieve your goals faster?

Dilemmas such as these are ones we encounter on a regular basis at Iridium.

We offer a free one to one introductory leadership and management development coaching session.

Contact us now on 07881 636538 or via the web.