Presenting Yourself With Impact at Work – The Book

Presenting Yourself With IMPACT at Work, the book, came out of discussions Gill had with several clients following in-house workshops. There was a consensus that there was a gap in the market for a workbook about Presenting Yourself .

Presenting Yourself with IMPACT at Work is a hands-on manual packed with powerful communication approaches and skill-building exercises that will positively transform your ability to influence,inspire and lead business audiences of all sizes.

In Presenting Yourself With Impact, Gill Graves, not only provides an excellent framework for any business leader or manager interested in improving their ability to deliver key messages and engage people effectively; it is also an excellent introduction for anyone, in any walk of life, who simply wants to improve their ability to communicate and be understood by other people.

Andrew Brodie, Head of HR,
Faccenda Group

Gill’s book is convincing evidence that we all have the skills within us we need to succeed – we just need to know how to harness the resources available and channel them appropriately. Removing limiting beliefs we never knew we held, changing a few habitual words we use regularly when we speak, thinking through how to reach our desired audience. Individually small changes, but together the impact on the end performance is dramatic and lasting.

Kate Markham, Head of Commercial Development,

A typical coaching programme covers:

The contents of the book looks like this:

  • Introduction
  • Outcome-based
  • Communication
  • Enabling & Limiting Beliefs
  • Building Rapport
  • Engaging All The Senses
  • Language Of Influence
  • Creating A Resourceful State
  • Mind & Body
  • Stepping Into Your Audience’s Shoes
  • Getting Prepared
  • Having A Go!
  • Appendix
  • Bibliography

This is a field manual, a practical text with real life examples and exercises you can practise, either on your own or with colleagues. Each chapter combines theory, real life examples and stories taken from my own experience, as well as the exercises.

You can work through the content in a logical way, ending with a final chapter on putting it all together or you can also dip into the chapters in any order, depending on where you want to focus your attention and learning.

The flow of chapters is as follows

Outcome-Based Communication

This chapter focuses on the importance of knowing your outcome before you start, the message you want to get across to your audience, and how to present this in a memorable way.

Enabling and Limiting Beliefs

Most books on presentation skills focus on the acquisition of new skills and behaviour. This chapter explores how, if we do not challenge some of the beliefs we have about ourselves as presenters, our chances of embracing and using our new skills are severely reduced.

Building Rapport

‘Rapport’ is one of those words that we use without thinking about its real meaning. What does it mean to be in rapport with someone? How do we know we have rapport? It is so much easier to get people to buy into our message if we have some level of rapport with them. This chapter seeks to answer these questions and explores how we can set about building rapport with our audience.

Engaging The Senses

Here we explore the different ways in which people take in and process information, going on to analyse how we can use this knowledge to make sure we engage all the senses when presenting our message both in the language and medium we choose.

Language Of Influence

How can we use language to positively influence our message? We look at how the use of some everyday words and expressions can reduce our overall impact. We also look at words and language patterns which, if used sparingly, can create a positive impression on our audience and get our audience into a ‘yes’ way of thinking.

Creating A Resourceful State

Using the technique of anchoring, we can create a resourceful state for ourselves, be it confidence, energy, calm, which we can access when we need it, and use this state to our advantage.

Mind and Body

A highly practical chapter focusing on how we can increase the positive impact we have non-verbally (posture and gestures) and verbally (volume, pitch, breathing and tonality). It includes a series of short exercises to practise, either on your own or with colleagues.

Stepping into Your Audience’s Shoes

Here we explore one of the key skills of great negotiators/influencers/presenters – the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and experience the world through their senses. We will focus on how we can use this technique to tailor our message, and how we present it to our specific audience.

Getting Prepared

Hints and tips for preparing and delivering a formal presentation to a large audience: choosing your presentation medium, structuring your message, thinking about your venue, handling questions.

Having a Go!

This brings everything together and provides you with some final thoughts about getting started, preparation and rehearsal, reflecting on your experiences and extracting the learning.

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