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Gill Graves

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Executive Coaching / Leadership Development Coaching can provide an immediate return on investment as leaders and managers grapple with managing and leading in these times of change.

There are numerous definitions of coaching but to us coaching is about realising potential and getting performance for the organisation. We use the following definition of coaching:

The overall purpose of coaching is to enable people, in an increasingly competitive and pressurised world, take responsibility and control of their own learning and development in order to: Develop their skills – Improve their performance – Maximise their potential – Become the person they want to be.

One of many testimonials that we have received:

Gill’s coaching has been invaluable in supporting me to step into a senior leadership role. I found her approach to be thoughtful and personalised to me. Whilst it felt like she was really accommodating to how I turned up to any session, there was always structure and purpose and ultimately has helped me to step more confidently into the next phase of my career.

Una Rice Associate Director for Digital Transformation

NHS Gloucestershire ICB

Why Choose Iridium?

Dr Gill Graves is one of the country’s most experienced coaches with a Doctorate in Team Coaching and a wealth of success stories.

Gill’s executive coaching clients include Vodafone, The Open University and The NHS. We are based in Northampton and operate UK-wide and in particular in London, the South East and the Midlands.

The focus of one to one coaching sessions is determined by the coachee. Typical areas of work include.

  • Leading in times of change.
  • Helping competent technical of functional experts develop their interpersonal or management skills.
  • Developing a more strategic perspective after a promotion to a more senior or management role.
  • Handling conflict situations so that they are resolved more effectively.
  • Providing a sounding board for ideas.
  • Personal productivity, time management and work/life balance.
  • Leading diverse personalities.
  • Presenting yourself with impact.
  • Reviewing Personality Profiling tools like Insights Discovery

Gill’s book ‘Coaching with Impact at work‘ is available from Amazon.

Case Studies

Take the following real life examples (names have been changed to keep confidentiality):

David had been working for his organisation for 4 years.  He’d consistently been a top performing sales manager and had recently been promoted to a Regional Sales Director.

However, he was struggling to make the transition from a hands-on sales manager to someone managing both a team of sales and sales support personnel. He was too involved in all of the detail and working far too many hours.

Over a period of 6 months we worked with David focusing on his delegation skills, performance management and taking a more strategic perspective in his new role.

By contrast Susan had been with her organisation for a long period of time and had been highly successful. However, acquiring a new manager really pushed her out of her comfort zone.

The new manager had a very different working style and challenged many of Susan’s ways of working. Although not completely bought into the idea of coaching Susan realised that she needed to make some changes, and make them fast.

We worked with Susan for a number of months focusing on developing awareness of her own preferred ways of doing things and increasing her flexibility so that she had other choices available to her.

Both David and Susan met the coaching outcomes that they had set for themselves and have been successful in sustaining their increased performance levels. We have many more examples which we will share with you. Your executive coaching programme will be tailor-made and personalised to reflect your specific requirements.

Typically a programme of coaching sessions, maybe 5 or 6, is agreed over a specified period of time, perhaps 4 to 6 months. Coaching can be face to face or via phone/Zoom or a mixture of both. Contact us now for a free introductory session to see what is right for you, get a feel for what coaching is about and have your questions answered.

See Gill's new book: Team Coaching With Impact at Work is available now on Amazon.

To discuss more, contact us now on 07881 636538 or contact us via email.