Presenting Yourself With IMPACT

What will your organisation achieve when your leaders, managers, teams and individuals present themselves with more IMPACT?

What if you and they had the confidence to present themselves effectively with impact? We often work with highly skilled professionals like you in IT, Finance, Legal, Operations, Sales, Marketing, etc. who need to engage outside of their functional role.

Maybe you want your teams to: Engage your stakeholders? Win over colleagues? Sell more? Make change happen? Win a major project? Get your message over at meetings, conferences, or even on TV or on radio?

Presenting Yourself with IMPACT at work is probably the most useful skill for any professional and yet it is often never fully developed.

Iridium provides a wide variety of ways to enable staff to have the confidence to present themselves with more IMPACT.

  • You may know that we offer a range of in-house presentation skills workshops and training courses including our most popular workshop the Presenting Yourself With Impact Workshop. This has successfully run for several years with a wide variety of organisations including the NHS and Vodafone. Everything we do is bespoke and so we will tailor the workshop to your exact requirements. Some clients have also added in elements of our Myers-Briggs or Insights Discovery workshops to include understanding how personality impacts presentation. Other clients have included sections of our influencing with integrity workshops to include topics such as assertiveness. The choice is yours.
  • You may be considering one to one Presenting Yourself With Impact Coaching with Gill Graves, author of Presenting Yourself With Impact at Work. Gill’s coaching clients include M&G and Essex County Council.
  • You can now buy the book Presenting Yourself With Impact from Amazon (it is also available on the kindle).

See Gill's new book: Team Coaching With Impact at Work is available now on Amazon.

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