Bespoke Leadership Development In-House Workshop

Leadership – Why Should Anyone be Led by You?

The goal of this bespoke one day in-house workshop is to introduce participants to the latest thinking on leadership and, in particular, the work of Daniel Goleman on Leadership styles, that of Goffee and Jones on “Why should anyone be led by you?” and an overview of Kouzes and Posner’s research in the Leadership Challenge.

Each workshop is bespoke. A typical day will include:

  • Differences between Leadership and Management
  • Goleman’s 6 styles of Leadership and decision making.
  • Situational Leadership – which style is appropriate for which situation?
  • Authentic Leadership.  Leaders need followers.  Why should anyone be led by you?
  • The Leadership Challenge – the five key practices of leadership.
  • Personal action planning and homework assignments.

Completion of this workshop will enable participants with:

  • Greater understanding of their own personal operating style, decision making style and leadership style and how that affects their performance at work. So they can modify their style to maximize their own performance and that of their team and so the commercial performance of the business.

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