Dr Gillian Graves


Dr Gill Graves is one of the UK’s leading executive coaches, she has a Doctorate in Team Coaching and she is also a well known coach supervisor.

Gill is a coach, facilitator and consultant in leadership, management and team development. She specialises in enabling individuals and organisations achieve their goals and realise their full potential.

She is also author of the best-selling books ‘Presenting Yourself With Impact at Work’, ‘Coaching With Impact at Work‘ and ‘Team Coaching With Impact at Work.’

Education and qualifications:

Gill is one of the few facilitators or coaches in the UK to have a Doctorate in Team Coaching. She also has an MA in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxfors Brookes University, an MBA from Warwick University and a degree in English from Leeds University.

She is a fellow of the CIPD and was one of the first coaches in the country to be accredited as a master practitioner by the EMCC. Gill is also qualified to supervise coaches.

She is a NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer and certified to use a range of psychometric instruments including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Emotional Competence Inventory and OPQ.

Work experience:

Formerly Human Resources Director for Europe and Asia of a US high tech company, Gill has extensive hands-on international human resources, organisational development, training and coaching experience, gained within multi-cultural, multi-national, fast-growing, rapidly changing environments.

Gill founded Iridium in May 2000 with a mission of helping companies develop their most important assets – their people.

Coaching experience:

Clients range in size from small, privately owned, to multi-national corporations and public sector organisations. Clients include for example; Vodafone, Mercedes Benz, the NHS, and the Suffolk Coaching Partnership. Gill’s work incorporates one-to-one and team coaching, facilitation and training.

The coaching ranges from one-off sessions to structured programmes extending over several months.

Areas of expertise:

  • Delivering results to improve individual performance in line with the organisational requirements
  • Developing action plans for achieving goals
  • Removing barriers to success
  • Realising potential
  • Career development
  • Transitioning to a new role
  • Presentation skills
  • Making change happen
  • Coaching skills
  • Relationship skills
  • Leadership
  • Difficult conversations
  • Work/Life balance
  • Facilitation of meetings
  • Team Development

Level for coaching and facilitation:

Gill is comfortable working at all levels. However, typically most coaching is for senior managers and directors.

Coaching approach:

Gill has an eclectic, predominantly non-directive, approach to her coaching, using a wide range of tools and techniques and, in every case, tailoring a highly flexible ‘programme’ to meet the specific needs of the client. A sample coaching programme would include some of the following aspects:

  • Creating well-formed outcomes for the coaching.
  • Developing self-awareness.
  • Working with the client to explore new ways of working
  • Working with the client to embed the learning and take personal responsibility for ongoing development

Throughout the programme clients are provided with email and phone support. ‘Homework’ is agreed at the end of each session.

Tools and Models used: Self-discovery:

Wheel of Life/Work, Careers Anchors Inventory, Values Elicitation. Self-awareness: Personality Questionnaires: Myers Briggs Type Indicator; Learning Styles; Leadership Styles, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Questionnaire; Emotional Competence Inventory (360°).

GROW model. NLP models: creating well-formed outcomes, perceptual positions, Meta model. Skill-building: Presenting Yourself With Impact, Transactional analysis, self-observation exercises, NLP models, coaching models.



Gill’s clients particularly comment on her passion for her work and her ability to gain the trust and respect of all participants and, having done so, provide feedback in a challenging but non-threatening way. References are available and there are testimonials on our testimonial page.

See Gill's new book: Team Coaching With Impact at Work is available now on Amazon.

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