Making Change Happen at Work – Implementing change

Every organisation has to manage change and implement change. Iridium are specialists in working on the people issues involved in change.

We start by working to understand the organisation and the issues involved.

We then design a programme of interventions to provide staff with the understanding, skills and resilience to make change happen.

A typical programme is outlined below. 

Bespoke In-house Managing Change Workshop

This is a one-day workshop exploring what change is, typical reactions to change and strategies for copying with change and leading others through a change process. Each workshop is bespoke and a typical workshop will cover the following:

Introductions with a difference.

Each participant to introduce themselves using the photo pack explaining their reactions to some aspect of change.

How I feel about change.

Using MBTI or another questionnaire participants explore their own reaction to change as well as typical reactions from others.

The House of Change.

Exercise exploring the different kind of reaction to change, what people typically do and say in each room of the Change House and what needs to happen for us to move on to the next stage of the change process.

Levels of Change.

Using Robert Dilts’ (Neuro) Logical Levels of Change Model participants explore the various levels of change from a simple environmental change to something which really challenges our beliefs.

Planning and implementing change.

Opportunity for participants to reflect on a change process that they are currently undertaking or are about to undertake. Exercise invites participants to complete a ‘planning bench’.

Completion of this workshop will enable participants with

  • Greater understanding of their own personal operating style, decision making style and leadership style and how that affects their performance at work.
  • An understanding of the issues involved in managing change.

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