Interview Preparation – Bids, Pitch, Tendering


Interview Preparation – Bids, Pitch, Tendering

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What do you need to think about if you have a pitch coming up?

It is becoming increasingly common for those tendering for major bids to have to attend an interview either individually or more commonly as a team. We can help organisations prepare for such interviews by focussing the team on:

1. their own strengths and personalities often utilising one of a number of personality profiling tools,

2. the likely competencies to be evaluated,

3. the likely questions and

4. a proven structured approach to answering questions on bids.

We also utilise elements of our ‘Presenting Yourself With Impact’ workshops to enable participants to show real presence and impact during the interviews.

Because of our experience of working in large organisations and being involved ourselves in large tenders we can provide pragmatic feedback from our own experience. Our own experience is mainly with high-tech engineering companies and recent workshops have included work in the civil engineering and the pharmaceutical industries.

We always encourage as much practise as possible to feel comfortable in answering questions and to receive feedback.

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