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Coach Development Programmes

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We no longer provide the ILM qualifications but we do provide coach development programmes which provides managers and professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform as effective  coaches and mentors as part of their day to day role. They are run by Gill Graves a very experienced coach, mentor, supervisor and facilitator.  Gill is one of the UK’s most highly qualified coaches with an Doctorate in Coaching and Mentoring and the EMCC Master Practitioner designation. Gill is also a qualified supervisor of coaches. The programme is highly interactive, fun and demands a very high level of participation both during workshops and between workshops.

Testimonials for this programme:

” I can highly recommend it for its quality. I found it useful not only to develop my coaching skills but it also gave me food for thought about using coaching techniques in my day to day management.”

“The trainer, Gill Graves, was excellent. Training does not always turn out to be good but this course certainly is.”

“The structure worked well – some information giving but a lot of trying out with colleagues. It came at a good pace and resulted in confidence and understanding growing quickly.”

“I really looked forward to attending the days and left feeling inspired.”

“Overall – the best course I have been on.”

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