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Leadership Development Coaching

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So what is Leadership Development Coaching and how can Dr Gill Graves, one of the UK’s foremost leadership development coaches help?

Much of the coaching we provide is to managers and leaders in mid to large size organisations. They have often risen through the ranks and have typically 10+ years experience. However by the time they are in a senior position they have often only had a few days piecemeal training on management and leadership topics. This is where leadership development coaching comes in. By having one to one coaching,  managers can explore issues that will make an immediate difference to their performance, the performance of their team and that of the organisation. Traditionally non-directive executive coaching will enable them to come up with their own solutions and in our coaching practice this is still the majority of our coaching style. However what happens if the coach realises that there is a skill that will be useful to the  coachee? We believe it is incumbent on the coach to share their management and leadership skills knowledge with the coachee and hence our term of ‘leadership development coaching.’

Typical examples of this approach that we have used recently include:

Enabling coachees to present themselves with impact using examples from our book ‘Presenting Yourself With Impact’.

Providing coachees with various frameworks for thinking about developing their team.

Helping coachees build resilience.

Working with coachees on time and personal management skills

Looking at using a variety of different management and leadership styles using the Hay leadership styles questionnaire.

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