The “leadership time bomb”: What are you doing to bridge the gap?


The “leadership time bomb”: What are you doing to bridge the gap?

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UK productivity is low and we have a “leadership time bomb”. I wonder how much work is being done across the UK to bridge the leadership gap that has long since been talked about in the UK and its impact on productivity.

Many studies have shown that while the UK might be ranked in the top three for “capable leaders”, when it comes to “future leadership potential” its falling far behind other countries. The question now, is what’s being done to address the gap that has been described a “leadership time bomb”. So what is it that potential leaders need to make that next step up to being actual leadership material? Well, in terms of leadership development there are a number of interesting points that these individuals should be considering in order to help bridge that gap…

Consider yourself and those around you…

What is it that drives and motivates you? What are your goals and your aspirations? These vary greatly from person to person, some long for career progression whereas others are driven by money and a certain lifestyle that success can buy. You may even ask if you really want to be a leader. Great leaders not only have a clear idea of their own motivators but also the motivators of those they work with. As someone with leadership potential do you understand the real drivers of those around you? It’s only when armed with this knowledge you can begin to truly motivate the people around you to follow you. Leaders need followers.

Communicating and presenting yourself with impact

Sounds simpler than it is, but every action causes a unique reaction within everyone. By presenting yourself with a set of thought out processes and considerations you build yourself up to provide the biggest positive impact you can within the workplace. The number one thing we hear that companies want their aspiring leaders to gain is the elusive quality of ‘gravitas’.

Here are two examples:

  • Building rapport – the obvious one. Building rapport is crucial to everyone’s leadership aspirations. Do the ground work. What does your colleague, staff member, customer or stakeholder like? What is important to them? How do they interact with others? Understanding these points and being able to relate to them improves your standing and the connection you have with them.
  • Language – how do you come across? Is the language you use highly complex or is it easily digestible? By using influential language, it makes it easier for you to engage more effectively with your peers as well as your superiors. This simply involves taking the time to consider the language and words you use in different situations. What impact will saying something a particular way have on those listening?

Will the UK be able to rectify the growing gap between capable leaders and future leaders? Time will tell. For now, if your business is lacking a clear progression path for the capable individuals at the workplace, consider our approach to leadership development. Get in touch by calling 07881 636538 or click here to get in touch by email.


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