Presenting Yourself With Impact Workshop

Presenting Yourself With Impact In-house Training

No matter how skilled you are in your particular line of work, it is your ability to communicate with and influence others that will do much to determine your level of professional success. Traditional communication theory has been based on the medium and form of the message, and of late, on the technology, this workshop focuses on the presenter and presenting yourself with impact. We enable the participant to be more confident in presenting themselves with impact.

This workshop, based on our best selling book ‘Presenting Yourself With Impact at Work’, will focus on how participants present the whole of themselves, formally and informally. We will concentrate on non verbal communication, the words to use, the stories to tell, how to use our physiology, how to establish and maintain presence and how to make an impact. (It is NOT a PowerPoint training course – in fact using PowerPoint will be highly optional although some basic hints and tips will be covered.)

Typically this workshop runs over one day and it can be tailored for shorter or longer periods. The workshop is interactive, fun and highly participative. The workshop is in-house only, so we make each workshop bespoke and tailored to your requirements. The workshop has successfully run with a wide range of organisations including Vodafone and the Open University.

The workshop has often also been run for highly skilled professionals in finance, IT, operations, engineering etc, who need to present themselves with impact.

Typical content includes:

The focus of one to one coaching sessions is determined by the coachee. Typical areas of work include.

  • Using the technique of “Starting with the end in mind” to prepare for future meetings, presentations and negotiations to ensure that there is a clear outcome in mind.
  • Understanding and trying on the beliefs of people who consistently present themselves with impact.
  • Managing state. Enabling participants to achieve a useful positive state prior to a presentation. For example of energy, resourcefulness and/or confidence.
  • Delivering a presentation that is enriching, in both style and content.
  • Understanding the concept of “influential language” and how this can be used to really “sell” ideas to a diverse group of people.
  • Understanding the impact of mind and body on presentation – words, non verbal communication, stance and posture.
  • Creating stories with impact and storytelling practise.
  • Structuring the message so that it meets the needs of the audience.
  • Determining next steps to embed the confidence and learning from the workshop.

Everything we do is bespoke and so we can tailor the content to your exact requirements. Some clients have added in elements of our Myers Briggs or Insights Discovery workshops to look at the impact of personality on presenting with impact and some clients have added in sections from our assertiveness and influencing workshops.

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